Founder and Leader Mike Merola

Agent Roland Smeets

Founder Mike Merola started up his r&b-jazz-rock band The City Boys Allstars in the early 1990s. They recorded a great album called “Look Out Here We Come”.

The band worked with high class musicians from New York City U.S.A.

Since 2011, the Allstars have been back in action again. Mike, in fine form as a guitarist and in good spirits, says, “It was only after a serious medical issue and surviving that did I decide to give it another chance. I formed my own indie label, released Look Out, Here We Come and then I set out to find another singer-writer and another bassist. I got Horace Scott II and Al MacDowell (long associated with Ornette Coleman). Nick brought in percussionist Dan Sadownick, and I brought in Andy as a full-time band member. Tony acts as main producer and most of the arranging is done by him and Tom “Bones” Malone.”

the Line-up in 2011 was:

Mike Merola, Nick Saya, Daniel Sadownick, Al MacDowell, Rob Clores, Bil Kurz, Angel Rissoff, Horace Scott II, Lou Marini, Andy Snitzer, Lew Soloff, Tony Kadleck and Tom Malone.

The current Allstars band has recorded 3 albums; a  studio ,  concert and live album. 1ste album is titled When You Needed Me. 2nd is the Live album, Blinded by the Night, recorded at Manhattan’s Cutting Room club in August 2013 and their latest album came out in 2015 and is called Personal Thing.

But there is news:

in 2018/2019 there will be a new album with their latest single, Amy.

You can listen to some examples or buy the albums on their homepage www.thecityboysallstars.com

review for one of the albums: